Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Hot Tip:

We firmly believe we have insisted upon the necessity of keeping your wrist straight / solid / DO NOT FLEX for chips shots. If you find you just can't get the hang of this, then find a pen (or a pencil). Next time you have to keep your right wrist fixed, stick a pen between your watch so that it covers your wrist and part of your palm. You'll get the hang real quick. If you STILL don't, use a pencil sharpened on both ends. OUCH!! You'll get the hang real fast!! :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Golf Tips

Tip of The Week

How hard should you grip the club? ANY club, driver, fairway, chip, putter. The real question is how EASY should you grip it!!

It must NEVER be tight. Think of your grip this way: You have a fragile bird egg in your hand. How hard can you squeeze before the egg breaks. Well, you DON'T want the egg to break, unless you are mean, and then unsubscribe, you cold hearted monster!!

That's how EASY your grip should be. This is extremely tough to master, but try and be conscience of it the next time on the course. You may be pleasantly surprised!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free Golf Tips

"Approach Shots: What it Takes to Master Them."

Basically, your approach shot is your shot onto the green. One of the things I like to say is this, "You know your game is improving when you start fixing more ball marks on the green" - most likely meaning that you hit it on your approach, which is your objective.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, and then we'll get to the heart of this article.

Aim for the middle of the green, not the flag. Pin placements and greens are getting tougher to stick all the time.

Don't be a sucker and go for a pin that you'll most likely miss, which will leave you in a bunker or some other position which will add strokes to your round.

Focus on alignment, not distance.

Alignment is the key to improving your approach shots.

Most golfers don't practice their alignment too much on the practice range, but they should.
Think about this for a minute. Generally, when you miss the green it is due to alignment, not distance. Chances are, you have your 160 yard club, 150, 140, 130, etc...
And if you hit a less than perfect shot, the ball may go a little further or a little shorter. But even if that happens, most greens are deep enough that you should be on the putting surface if you have selected the club that would leave you in the center of the green.

But...alignment is another story. If you pull the ball, more times than most you really pull the ball, correct?
When your alignment is off, it's usually off by much more than 5-10 yards!

Practice your alignment.

Take your home course for example. I would be willing to bet there's somewhere in the ball park of a 160-yard par 3 on the course. Now picture that hole. What happens if you're 5-10 yards deep or shallow? You're probably still okay, right?
But what happens if you go right or left? That shot, more than likely, has trouble written all over it.


Go to the range, and practice your alignment. Always hit to a target.