Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Golf Setup

Hello everyone and welcome to my Golf Setup blog. I want to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2009. I will try and give you some fundamentals of the Golfing game as we go along in this new year. I reside in Thailand and as we go along, I will share with you some of the places I play here.

Does your game need a little help? No matter how good a golfer a person is, we all can use a good tip now and then. Some of us more "now" than "then"! So browse through these free golf tips to find some great pointers:

The single most important - and frequently overlooked - full swing fundamental in golf is the setup position. Golfers striving to improve their scores must focus on fundamentals for success. The single most important and most overlooked full swing fundamental is the setup. The setup writes the script for the swing and all too often amateur and professional golfers struggle due to poor address positions. All great golfers and teachers are aware of the importance of the setup.
Here’s what some well known pros say about the setup:

Jack Nicklaus: "If you setup correctly, there’s a good chance you’ll hit a reasonable shot, even if you make a mediocre swing. If you setup to the ball poorly, you’ll hit a lousy shot even if you make the greatest swing in the world."
Tommy Armour: "Before they ever begin swinging, I can improve nine out of every ten typical amateur golfers."

So here's a step-by-step illustration of what makes a great golf setup. We start with...


At address your body (feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes) should be positioned parallel to the target line. When viewed from behind, a right-handed golfer will appear aimed slightly left of the target. This optical illusion is created because the ball is on the target line and the body is not.

The easiest way to conceptualize this is the image of a railroad track. The body is on the inside rail and the ball is on the outside rail. For right-handers, at 100 yards your body will appear aligned approximately 3 to 5 yards left, at 150 yards approximately 8 to 10 yards left and at 200 yards 12 to 15 yards left.

The feet should be shoulder width (outside of the shoulders to the inside of the heels) for the middle irons. The short iron stance will be two inches narrower and the stance for long irons and woods should be two inches wider. The target-side foot should be flared toward the target from 20 to 40 degrees to allow the body to rotate toward the target on the downswing. The back foot should be square (90 degrees to the target line) to slightly open to create the proper hip turn on the back swing. Your flexibility and body rotation speed determine the proper foot placement.

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