Monday, February 16, 2009

Golf Backswing

Here's a lesson on how to start the Backswing.

Golf Backswing - How to Start the Club Back
One of the top five most asked questions in the past 25 years has been, "What starts the backswing?" The answer is a bit complex, so grab your Hi-Liter and let's get started. When you are all ready to start the backswing, the clubhead, shaft, your hands, arms and right shoulder move in ONE PIECE at the exact same time. The clubhead starts back on an arc (we will get to that in the next section). The right shoulder at this time is turning backwards. The take-away is one piece all the way until it arrives at the 9:00 o'clock position (we will get to that in two sections).
Golf Backswing - The Knees
As you start back, both knees are flexed and during the backswing- the right knee NEVER changes positions. It does not flex more, nor does it straighten out and it does not slide back away from the target.The left knee also plays a major role in the backswing. It does not move towards the line of flight and it does not straighten out. As the golf club starts back, the left knee moves towards the right knee as a RESULT of the upper body turning and the lower body resisting this turn. The left knee never passes the golf ball in the backswing.

This article written by Bobby Eldridge of PurePoint Golf.

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