Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free Golf Tips

Think about your lie. Up, Down or Flat?

One common mistake many players make is they ignore the slope ofthe grass they are standing on and are frustrated at the behaviorof the ball when they strike it.

They expect the ball to do something other then what it will.
Don't be surprised on uphill or downhill shots.

On uphill shots, you can expect the ball to fly high and even drawto the left a bit. Make sure you aim accordingly. If you have asmall slice expect the uphill lie to add a bit of correction.

For longer clubs, make the following correction. Play the ballmore forward in your stance than you normally would. You will feellike you are leaning back a bit and that's ok. Then sweep the balland expect it to have a high trajectory (and go left a bit).

For shorter clubs, play the ball more forward in your stance ANDlean into the slope. Plan on keeping your weight on your left footthrough the whole swing.

Instead of a sweep, punch the ball and don't expect it to drawleft. It should go the direction you aim.

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