Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Golf Tips

Know How Far you Can Hit Each Club in Your Bag.

The first time I every played 5 rounds in 5 days, something very interesting happened. It was an accident. I hadn't read it anywhere. But suddenly when I was 100 yards from the pin, I knew that I could hit a 9 iron that distance every time. Suddenly, after 5 days I wasn't surprised at being over the green or embarrassingly short.

It occurred to me that this information was handy so I starting making some notes. How far could I hit a 3 iron, a 3 wood, a 9 iron, a 7 iron? Then every time I was standing on a par three 150 yards from the pin or on an approach shot 150 yards out, I knew what club to hit--without worrying.

Learn YOUR distance. This chart is typical. Adapt it to your game.

Pitching Wedge 70 yards
9 iron 100 yards
8 iron 120 yards
7 iron 140 yards
6 iron 150 yards
5 iron 160 yards
4 iron 170 yards
3 iron 180 yards
3 wood 203 yards
driver 225 yards

Know your distance, use the same tempo on each swing, let the club do the work and your rounds will be more consistent.

If you hit a 5 wood and a 3 iron the same distance, consider using the 5 wood more often on the fairway.

Soon you will have an easier time on long par 4s.

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