Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free Golf Tips

All great players have good hands, and that's why it's so crucial to develop a proper grip.

First, should you use an interlocking or overlapping grip? Someone with large hands probably should use an overlapping grip. Small hands, an interlocking grip.

Next, comes grip balance within the confines of each hand. The weight of the shaft should be balanced so you always have control throughout the swing. Another important element is the position of your left thumb on the shaft. Players who extend their thumbs hit the ball high and straight. Those who shorten the length of the thumb are likely to hit the ball low and left.

Grip pressure is another checkpoint. Try holding the club as tightly as you can, then hold it loosely. The correct pressure is somewhere in between. Finally, see how many knuckles are showing on your left hand. If you see most of them, you'll likely hit a hook or draw. Fewer, and the ball will go high and right.

Experiment with these basics and you'll find a grip that's best for your hands

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