Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Golf Tips

Which clubs should you be carrying in your bag? Well, that depends on your BUDGET and your SKILL level!

I've got some ideas, and they are general in nature. If you have a favorite club that is NOT listed, KEEP IT!! Results count!!!
The High Handicapper's Bag
- 3-wood
- 5-wood,
- 7-wood
- 5-iron through 9-iron
- Pitching wedge
- Putter

Most high handicappers cannot hit a driver, no matter how badly they want to. Drivers are especially dangerous in the hands of high-handicappers because many view distance as the quality they most want to have off the tee.

So they spend several hundred dollars on an oversized titanium driver that most of the time will only put them farther off the fairway, not farther down the fairway.

You need to own a driver - just practice with it on the driving range, and leave it at home when you hit the course.

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