Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free Golf Tips

free golf tips

Weight Management

75 percent of the body weight is transferred to the back foot during the back swing. Through the downswing and finish, the weight transfers from the back foot to the front foot.

Too often, amateurs force this shift in weight by sliding and swaying from side to side during the back swing and downswing. This is not necessary! With correct footwork, you should automatically make the correct amount of weight shift.

To get a feel for using your legs and correctly shifting your weight during your swing, try the following drills.

Brace Drill:

Practice with your right leg butting against an object to get a solid feel for bracing your right side. In this case, we're using a bench. As you simulate your back swing, you should feel your knee pressing firmly against the bench, creating torque and building energy.

If your right knee isn't touching the bench during the back swing, it means you're not shifting your weight correctly to the right side. Keep making practice swings until you feel consistent pressure between your knee and the bench.

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