Friday, November 27, 2009

Free Golf Tips

free golf tips

"There is no rush. Swing as if you are working by the hour. Never make a change based on one bad shot, or even a few. If your swing is grooved, you can hit the ball with a sack over your head"

"If you are going to persevere, in golf or in anything, you need a philosophy. Harvey Penick gave us one. Stick to the one thing you can control--you. Don't get mad at the club; it's the same one you used to hit that great shot yesterday."

No two golf pupils are alike. But there are pitfalls that seem to face three types of players. There do not seem to be too many exceptions:

1: Women listen too well and too often . . . everyone wants to give them advice.
2: The average man tries to play like a tournament player.
3: Tournament players--especially young ones--try to play like someone else instead of simply being themselves.

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